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    But…how ?



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  3. Looking through demos. Had seventeen finished recordings laying around.


  4. While I think Morrisey is a response to empty pop and he’s always been a useful shot in the arm to the institute of the monetization of subversion for popular consumption in well arranged infectious tunes, I can also say he’s an asshat. I love him for that. He’s never changed his schtick and that’s where the glory comes from. Bob Dylan found god; David Bowie said he was never bi-sexual; Elvis made his music as american as white bread towards the end; leaving african-americans out in the cold for influential  resonance.

    Morrisey is a product of the impenetrable entitlement of white men. I am a white man and I can see and identify that in him. But saying all this; he is still infinitely ambiguous about most things. He’s an asshole but he’s never truly been pegged.

    Morrisey, you’re unconcerned with humanity due to your infallible ego and it might be why you work well as soulless statue of pop legacy. You’ve beat the system by being an asshat. I wish I had your endless courage of saying and portraying endless obtuse finite ideas.

  5. MORRISSEY - Wrestle With Russel Pt 3 of 3

  6. MORRISSEY - Wrestle With Russel Pt 2 of 3

  7. MORRISSEY - Wrestle With Russel Pt 1 of 3


  8. Favorite songwriters who have influenced me endlessly:

    Tom Waits
    Nick Cave
    Rufus Wainwright
    Ryan Adams
    Townes Van Zandt
    Bob Dylan
    Connor Oberst
    Blake Schwarzenbach
    Dan Yemin
    David Bowie


  9. drinking warm beer cause fuck my life.

  10. Not becoming a piano player will always be my biggest regret. Rufus Wainwright.