2. "propaganda is to democracy as violence is to a dictatorship." noam chomsky

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    Évolution inversée

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  5. well I found this documentary. everything’s over.


  6. Outtakes from a recent studio visit.


  7. Jim Jefferies show LEGIT is amazingly hilarious. I don’t like the whole, “recycle my entire stand up routine for a t.v. show” so maybe the second season will have more jokes I haven’t heard. But on par with Louie.

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  10. Anonymous asked: Is Danzig's pecker size public knowledge? I want details.


    Groupie sites are still a thing, but now they’re mostly run by 15-year-olds and focus on swoop hair bands and rappers. There was a time early in the internet where the groupie community was older and more metal intensive. The overwhelming bulk of witness testimony was that Danzig didn’t bring much in the way of cock meat.