1. poop is poop on a scale from poop to poop
    can’t escape it
    poop is here to stay


  2. Be an asshole and look for sympathy
    I spared myself the loss of energy
    when you finally see what you look like to someone else
    fuck the guilt, you gotta take up for yourself


  3. she’s arizona weather on our first trip out west.
    fever pitch heat cooling to a snowed out bridge.
    texas in the mirror and a pain in my chest.
    I’d rather go on living than serving a cold bed.

  4. Favorite Kanye interview.


  5. "I’m quite illiterate, but I read a lot."

    J.D. Salinger

    (from The Catcher in the Rye. Frequently removed from classrooms and school libraries because it is “unacceptable,” “obscene,” “blasphemous,” “negative,” “foul,” “filthy,” and “undermines morality.”)

    Banned Books Week

    (via thatlitsite) same.

    (via thatlitsite)


  6. Punk Band Joyce Manor Called ‘Pussies’ For Telling Fans Not to Stage Dive on Small Women | Charles Ray Hastings Jr.



    In a live video recently posted from 1904 Music Hall, the punk band, Joyce Manor, stops their show(around the one minute mark) to tell a fan that it wasn’t cool for him to jump on a small young lady standing at the front of the stage. In the video he explains in front of everyone why it’s not cool and then they start their show back up.

          No one wants it but here’s my opinion. If you’re first reaction is to take up for this young man’s pride, then there’s something going on here that you prolly won’t understand even if someone explains it to you.

    Read More

    Here’s some thing I wrote. P rolly should have been working on my abs.

  7. Anonymous said: My partner thinks caring about appearances (including beauty regimens, fashion, and working to enhance appearance rather than health) are ridiculous and a waste of time and describes these pursuits as temporal. This same person thinks it's intensely important to keep up with politics. They believe music and art and philosophy are the only things that matter in life and people are wasting their time on anything else. To me, all afore-mentioned pursuits are temporal. Politics change just as


    [Cont’d.] Quickly as the weather. Since this person is also a die-hard college football fan (what I consider a highly temporal interest), I believe their judgement on people bettering their appearance to be one big front to cover up of the fact they are unable to achieve a good appearance for them self. As I do not believe in life after death I consider my time very important and simply cannot pretend to care about something just because someone else thinks I should. Is it time to cut them off?

    What the fuck are you nerds talking about?

    You are your partner should split a Frito pie and play videogames. Chill out on the freshman year gibberish talk. Try fucking each other. 

    What up jasmine? Check out my ex partner getting advice from a band about me. Dopeness.

  8. This piece is called, “Fuckin’ Maybe.”


  9. At some point in my life I want a barrel of Jameson as a night stand. Fully functional, of course


  10. At some point in my life I don’t want to be used.